Bowen Island

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A 20 minute ferry ride from the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal, Bowen Island is a beautiful residential island in the middle of Howe Sound.

Bowen Island is an ideal place to call home surrounded by spectacular nature, a tight community with a vibrant arts, culture and culinary scene. Only a few kilometres from Vancouver City Centre you can enjoy a connection to the city while benefiting from the peace, tranquility and safety of island life.


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Our team of experts are skilled, entrepreneurial and continually striving to lead the field in marketing, client protection and results. Today's buyers and sellers require a trusted resource to guide them through the complexities of a real estate transaction in an ever changing market. With our extensive knowledge and expertise we are committed to understanding the needs and requirements of our clients and representing their best interests from start to finish. We are are your go-to source for real estate insight and advice.

client testimonials

"Working with Barry Thomas was easily the most professional and thorough experience I have had with a Realtor in the Lower Mainland. Barry is highly knowledgeable, affable, and displays a competency that makes you feel confident in your decisions during a time most families would find very stressful. Whether it was calling the municipality to get clear answers about a property or suggesting vendors to prepare our home for sale, you could trust that Barry had what was best for your family in mind and was striving to provide the most rewarding experience possible. He comes highly recommended for a reason. Thank you, Barry, for your stellar service and finding my family exactly what we needed."

- December 2019 - Bobbi Parker

"Barry is an amazing Realtor. I appreciate his attention to detail, his very clear and actionable suggestions for the sale of our home, and how he was 100% honest with us about the homes we looked at. He is not out to sell you any home, he is there to help you find the right home for you and in our case, the family as well. We would recommend Barry to anyone either on Bowen Island already, or looking to move here."

- December 2019 - Scott Michaels

"We had the distinct pleasure of having Barry sell our house and help us buy another one on Bowen Island. Throughout the process Barry was honest, professional, diligent and respectful. He kept us updated and informed in a timely manner and provided us with great advice delivered in an easy and efficient manner. Barry is blessed with having both a great sense of humour with at times a no-nonsense direct approach which serves him well. He made what can often be a stressful and difficult experience feel easy and perhaps most importantly was blunt when he needed to be which we found to be extremely comforting. To put it simply: we really liked him and highly recommend him for those looking to either buy or sell on Bowen."

December 2019 - Joanna & Morgan Quarry